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Light Rock Fishing

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

rocky beach by the sea with clifts
rocky beach by the sea

Light Rock Fishing A anglers guide to Light Rock Fishing (LRF) is the current style of

ultralight fishing for the sea anglers using delicately weighted rods in order to catch a broad variety of mini fish species and smaller baitfish.

No bait is used in LRF fishing, as it is strictly a lure-only style,and rig that is what sets it apart from other fishing styles of light-line sea fishing and the traditional handline fishing.

Due to a true obsessiveness to using lures, it has become quite popular to use actual baits with the LRF gear and refer to this as LRFing.

For most people fishing the LRF way, it is all about the diversity and challenge of seeing how many species you can fool with an artificial baits

LRF is all about baiting fish with artificial baits, whether soft plastic, hard plastic, or metal, that is what it is all about.

Another mistake is thinking that LRF is the down low under the rod tips style, and once again, you can have great success down below the rod tips, but Jake Schogler throws as far, as frequently, as I would when using heavier weighted bait-fishing gear.

If you have a nice light weight carbon spinning rod, you could probably get away with using it but you may miss what makes LRF Fishing so much fun.

Some of you might already have quite a bit of what you need to start, since LRF fishing is basically Ultra Light Spin fishing (there are other subcategories like HRF for hard rock fishing, but we will get into those in a bit).   LRF is a new concept for many anglers in the UK who are used to a more traditional beach/rockmark style fishing, however, LRF is definitely taking hold across the UK.

LRF has been a part of the saltwater baitfishing scene in the UK for more than ten years.

LRF has opened a new dimension to anglers, giving them the ability to catch species that were previously untargeted by traditional bait-and-lure tactics.

The fishing community has found ways to adapt light rock fishing, targeting virtually anything fishable.  

Light rock fishing can take place year-round, and is popular in south wales and irland but the smaller species listed above are typically most active and ready to accept a LRF bait during warmer months of the year, meaning most LRF fishing takes place from the spring through fall. While that might sound strange to anglers used to using heavier beach casting rods and 6-to-8-ounce weights, the entire purpose of LRF is to use very lightweight gear in order to target smaller species of fish found in very shallow waters near the bank.

Light bait fishing involves using super-light lines and rods that can cast as little as 8g, combined with tiny reels and bobbers. Light Rock Fishing (LRF) is a modern style of ultra-light lure fishing, originated by Japanese anglers, introduced to the United Kingdom several years ago through a group of bass fishing guides on the Jersey Islands, looking for a way to extend their fishing season after bass fishing had petered out by around November.   

In conclusion if you have been fishing for a long time and want a new challenge then this could be for you as it gives a new aspect to sea and beach fishing that keeps a fisherman more active than normal sea fishing .

By fishpro4u.

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