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What Fishing Hooks To Use

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

fishing hook in water
fishing hook

While many fishing hooks are available, for the majority of fishing presentations, a select few styles of hooks will do the heavy lifting. Octopus hooks are typically used in bass bait fishing where a

minimum weight and size of the hook is necessary to achieve natural presentation. Aberdeen Hooks are used mostly in bait fishing, and are popular amongst panfish anglers. ABERDEEN These hooks, although used mostly small-scale in freshwater, are used by saltwater anglers as well.    Show Source TextsWide gaping hooks are used mostly in freshwater when they are rigged with soft plastics like worms, lizards, and creature baits. Bait hooks can be used on various casting, trolling, and jigging setups for freshwater species like trout, salmon/steelhead, catfish, panfish, bass, and walleye, and for just about every species of saltwater fish. Kirby rigs are excellent for fishing yellowtail, wahoo, tuna, and other gamefish, and they can be used in freshwater or saltwater fishing. Treble hooks are used for freshwater or saltwater fishing in casting and trolling spinnerbaits, crankbaits, metallic spoons/jigs, swimbaits, and some other special, niche lure rigs.    Show Source TextsMany anglers are adding siwashi hooks on spinnerbaits or poppers instead of treble hooks, since they are easier to retrieve and are less damaging to the fish. Circle hooks are not so great when trolling baits, or when using large baits that enclose the hook. These hooks are not really great on big baits, big fish, or practicing catching and release. Circle hooks provide many advantages for fishermen, but do require some small changes in normal fishing techniques.  

  Show Source TextsCircle hooks can be used on just about any kind of lure, and are unique in that they do not require an angler to set a hook, rather, the hook sets itself on the corners of a fishs mouth when it is trying to get away from your bait. Circle hooks are ideal to use with true fishing baits of most types, where you can let the bend in the hook lie open as much as possible to maximize the amount of snaring; for instance, when targeting saltwater species, lightly set the bait. With their success having already been proven with a number of gamefish species, these hooks are now being used more often with many other common recreational species, including bass, flathead, and kingfish.    Show Source TextsWhile J-shaped lure hooks are still the most popular of beginner fishing hooks, increasingly, non-barbed fishing hooks are being added to young anglers fishhook choices. Long-shanked hooks are best suited to teaching children how to fish, and shorter-shanked ones are commonly used on smallmouth bass. Good for minnows and live leeches, short shanks with wide gaps in a clamshell hook are good for catching bigger fish.    Show Source TextsThe shorter, rounder shank of an Octopus hook reduces both the size and weight, but it still leaves a gap big enough for big fish. These hooks are modified by having bends on the shaft of the hook for use on Jig Patterns. Long-shanked hooks are best used on dead baits like A) strips/fillet baits, or B) peeling yabbies and shrimps.    Show Source TextsCited Sourceshttps://discount 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

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