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Top Ten Fishing Items To Buy Your Angler This Christmas

Updated: Sep 15, 2022


1. Rod & Reel Combo

Every new angler will require both a sturdy rod and a compatible reel. If your knowledge on fishing is slim, finding a matching rod and reel may be a difficult challenge. There are a large amount of reels available on the market. Each reel is not compatible with all rods. As well as the size of the reel there are different types of reels for different rods. Therefore, selecting a “combo” rod and reel kit which are pre matched would eliminate the struggle of matching your rod and reel. Make sure the combo box you buy is suitable for the type of fishing your angler enjoys.

2. Tackle Box

Every angler requires tackle boxes to store their small miscellaneous items. We advise selecting a tackle box with multiple compartments. Lots of small compartments will make it easy for your fishermen to sort their gear. If you're purchasing for a fly fisherman buy a fly box with a silicone layer inside. These will last much longer than ordinary fly boxes. As tackle boxes come in various sizes a recommendation for a beginner tackle box would be a pocket sized box. This is as new anglers will not have large amounts of gear. Therefore, carrying a large box with them at all times is unnecessary as it will not be filled with gear.

3. Nippers

Nippers are great presents for any new fisherman. Nippers come in various price ranges. They are small clippers or cutting fishing lines. High quality nippers can go up to £400. Although, an average decent quality nipper is usually priced between £10 to £50. A range of colours and sizes can be found on the market. High quality brands are Abel and Simms nippers.

4. Pliers/forceps

Pliers/forceps are essential for fishing. Once the fish is hooked the hook must be removed from the mouth of the fish. Pliers/forceps will be needed for getting into smaller areas of the fish. If the species the angler is targeting has sharp teeth these are a necessity. Pliers/forceps are relatively cheap and are the perfect present for any new fishermen.

Budget pliers/forceps can be found on amazon for approximately £3.

5. Multi Tool

Multi tools such as a gerber or leatherman are a great non essential fishing present. Havina plethora of tools when fishing can become tricky to carry or heavy when travelling over long distances to reach far fishing destinations. Therefore having a hand sized multi tool is extremely beneficial when fishing.

6. Custom Knife

If you wish to spend more money on your angler this christmas a custom knife is the perfect idea. Taking your time to sit down with a designer and create a knife for your loved one will be one of the best presents they ever receive. Bushcraft blades and filleting knives can both be crafted for your angler. Although, price ranges are extremely steep being over £500 for a custom blade. A good recommendation for a custom blade is a neck knife with sheaf. The blade will hang from the anglers neck meaning they can access it at all times even with a rod in hand.

7. Cary All Bag

Carry all bags are suitable for almost all forms of fishing. We recommend a compartment bag with multiple zip open sections. These bags are designed to stay in the boot of a car. Meaning you can carry all your gear all the time. These bags are not recommended for long distances. As they are extremely large, placing lots of items into them could be exhausting taking them any distance.For any new angler they are fabulous for storing all their gear.

8. Handmade Priest

Handmade priests can be found over Etsy. A priest is a small wooden bat with a lead end. They are used for harvesting fish. Many custom made priests can be found on etsy or ebay. These are slightly more expensive than standard batch made priests but they may be more desirable with added features or designs. Handmade priest can be tailored to your specific needs as well as adding engravings for extra prices.

9. Custom Nets

A net will be required for all forms of fishing. Purchasing a net with a rubber netting is advised as these have a range of benefits such as easier removal of hooks and less damage caused to the fish. Nets come in various sizes with various functions. Purchasing a net with an extendable handle is a good function to have when fishing on a high river bank, rocky mark or pier. Custom nets are made by niche creators. Ordering a custom net is a great angling gift for any fisherman. Custom nets come with specific customization features. They are usually crafted from wood. You will sit down with a designer and place your specific details for your net.

10. Zippo Lighter

Zippo lighters are high quality, heavy duty outdoor lighters. Why would a fisherman need a lighter? Well, a fisherman can use a lighter for a range of various functions. A simple source of light is one benefit of a lighter. When tying flies a lighter is needed to tidy the fly tying material. A light can be used to burn through an entangled line or rope. Aswell as these functions specifically for fishing many anglers will also carry food with them which may need to be heated up on a trail. Therefore, having a decent lighter with them can be extremely beneficial. Zippo lighters can also be engraved with fun christmas engravings or messages.

by Daniel ONeill

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