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Top 5 locations to go fishing in the UK

That new fishing equipment you just bought needs some action, but you cannot decide where to go. We know sometimes making this type of decisions is hard, so we are here to help you. Today we are going to talk about the best 5 fishing spots in the United Kingdom.

You will see a beautiful landscape and enjoy quality time accompanied or by yourself. How does it sound?

Dartmoor, Devon In Dartmoor National Park we can find the Hunter's and Fisherman's Path to Castle Drogo. In these almost 7 km, there will be plenty of fishing spots to choose from, including a gorgeous waterfall. Best of all, it is a great option to bring your dog with you as it usually is quiet enough.

Tyne River

Northumberland The south side of the Tyne River is perfect to spend a lovely day catching some cod, whiting, butter fishes, flounders, and plenty of other species including salmon and sea trouts, but you will need a license for those two.

Clettwr River

Are you experienced enough already? We have a challenge for you then! This river is an interesting combination of minor falls, gorges, and ponds. If you are willing to climb and get your reward (and some good trouts), you have to try this. There are some rules and regulations, of course. The most important ones: No dogs allowed, fly-fishing only, and two trouts can be taken per rod. Enjoy!

Donaghadee and Bangor

It will be hard to name all the species you can fish in this area. In the summer, you can find a huge amount of mackerel on your feather or daylight, but there is more than that, of course. Pollock? Got it. Coalfish? Checked. Haddock? Of course. And these are just a few of them!

Rutland Water

If you are looking for trout fly-fishing in a beautiful place, you have to visit this one. They allow predator fishing at certain times of the year, so if you are interested, do not miss the chance!

by: Lola RC

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