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The Top Five Boat Fishing Reels Of 2021

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Multiplier reels

A multiplier reel is a reel used on boats and kayaks. It is simply put a winch. When paired with a rod it will lift your tackle such as your weights hooks and baits from the sea bed to the boat. Multiplier reels can be a complicated piece of engineering and must be cleaned in warm,

Fresh water after use similar to all other saltwater reels It is recommended when purchasing a multiplier reel that you select one that is corrosion resistant. This will help prevent the breakdown of the metals used throughout the reel when they become covered in saltwater.

The free-running, adjustable spool of the multiplier allows greater casting distance from a boat. Its design will allow it to have immense cranking power when fighting a fish. The drawback comes with multiplier reels being much more difficult to master than your usual saltwater spinning reel. Multiplier reels come in various price ranges, shapes and sizes. Today we will break down the top five standard boat multiplier reels.

When putting line on you reel you should aim to fill the reel to within 2 - 3mm of the lip of the reel spool. If you under fill, you'll lose distance and control on your casts. Which can clearly become problematic. Although, you do not need to do this if you are not planning on casting your multiplier reel. Instead dropping it over the side of the boat. Multiplier reels also come with a buit in braking system which reduces the speed of the spinning spool during a long distance cast.

When cleaning your multiplier reel you should be aware that you can remove your spool within the reel. This will help you get in to smaller crevices within the reel to remove stuck bait residue or remaining saltwater after your warm water soaking.


WARBIRD 4000-1 Ball Bearing Sea Multiplier Reel can be purchased for approximately £50 it comes with 20lb line and has a line capacity of 399m (above average). It has a graphite spool and body making it very robust. It is a great entry level multiplier reel. It is budget friendly and can be viewed as a high contender of todays list.


Abu Garcia Multiplier Reel - Ambassadeur 6500 CT Chrome Rocket can be purchased for approximately £100. The reels cost is one of the highest on todays list. It features both bushing bearings and a level wind. The reel can be used for beach or boat fishing, it is ideal for heavy ground fishing with it's big crank and will cast a fair distance.


Abu Garcia Ambassadeur C4 Round Multiplier Round Fishing Reel can be purchased for approximately £140. It is the most expensive reel on todays list. Although, it has many fantastic benefits. It has a synchronized level wind system which will help to improve the line lay and cast ability of the reel. The carbon matrix drag system within the reel allows for a smooth drag performance when a fish is on the hook.


Abu Garcia Ambassadeur STX Multiplier Reel - Round Casting Reel with Level Wind can be purchased for approximately £100. Abu Garcia makes one of the finest fishing reels in the world. The materials used on this reel are durable. This multiplier reel is more suited towards bass fishing and smaller species.


PENN Warfare Star Drag Multiplier Fishing Reel can be purchased for approximately £120. This is our favourite reel on todays list. The reel is corrosion resistant. It has an aluminium handle, lightweight graphite frame and line capacity rings to see how much line you have left when fighting a fish. We recommend using 50lb braid on this reel.

How should you select a boat reel?

You should have consider the following before purchasing a boat reel:

● How large are the species you are going to be fishing for? Larger species will require a bigger reel.

● Are the species heavy fighters ie. will they pull alot of line. If so, selecting a reel that contains large amounts of line is eessntial.

● Do you need to cast far or are you dropping the line off the side of your boat. If you do not need to cast for almost any multiplier reel will suit. If you do need to cast far you should select a reel that is suited for casting.

● Will the reel be used within saltwater or freshwater. As mentioned above saltwater reels need to be corrosion resistant to last longer durations.

Finishing Notes

Overall, there are a large amount of multiplier reels to select from. In todays list we broke down the specifications of five decent beginner to mid tier multiplier reels.

There are higher expense reels on the market.

Although, it is recommended to select a cheaper reel to begin within until you become comfortable enough to purchase a higher grade of reels.

Usually this will not effect your overall fishing performance. When selecting your first boat fishing reel take time to consider our mentioned points meticulously.

These points can be used as guidance to ensure you select the perfect reel.

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