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How To Pick A Good Fishing Spot

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

how to find a good fishing spot
man fishing

Iam going to talk about 10 of the best ways to find a new place to fly fish.

That is why, if you are looking to find new fly fishing spots, you will want to go outside and do a little bit of good ol-fashioned exploration.

Honestly, the best way to find fly fishing spots is by talking with the local fly shops in your area.   

You could even call up a fly fishing guide and see if they would be willing to lend you their knowledge of finding a good spot.

Guides not only help you find new spots - they also teach you to fish them. You would not believe how much great information they have, and then there is the fact you can download a free smartphone app that uses your location to locate launch ramps, bait shops, and pretty much everything else you need to take a fishing trip.  

If you are fishing from a boat, your maps are equally useful to get out and around the areas of the water that you are targeting.

If you find a murky area of water that you would like to explore, keeping your eyes trained on your maps will help you figure out when you are in the right spot to cast a line. Looking at maps helps boaters to be aware of areas of deeper water as well as areas that are more shallow, which can be helpful for both safety and finding better fishing spots.  

For instance, if you see a good cover patch on the map that looks like a good spot for fishing, you can plan on getting to that spot, whether by boat, or lining the boat. This way, you will always have the ability to reference any previous location information or have options while looking for places to fish you know are good.

  Of course, once you decide on a spot that looks good, you are going to want to take a closer look at the water to ensure that it is a good place to fish.

Now that you know how to locate fishing spots, you might discover your favorite spots require some cleaning.

Once you master the art of finding a good place, it should be a piece of cake for you to get a fish.   

Knowing how to find the right place to surf for fish takes time to learn, but here are some tips that beginners should remember as they attempt to catch fish. After doing a little researche, here are a few techniques to use to identify your best spot to surf fish.

Knowing a few options, such as shallow casting sandbars, steeper banks, the way the creek runs behind a cove, and things of this nature, can help you time your fishing based on season and conditions.   

Maps can help anglers plan out their travels, locate fishing spots, and get to those spots the best. No matter what you read on the internet on finding fishing spots, it is always useful to have a few first-hand opinions from experienced anglers who have been through

this. By knowing what to look for, you can hopefully make better decisions on where you would like to base your next fishing trip

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