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Fishing with spinner's lure's & chatter bait's

As most species of fish can be caught by spin fishing; however, some are more susceptible to this technique than others. Common freshwater fish like trout, salmon, perch and bass.

The idea is to imitate a small fish and cast past your intended target fish. The chatter bait, lure or spinner is reeled back to entice the target fish to strike at the bait. Their effectiveness is governed by weight, colour, actions of the lure and the speed of retrieval by the angler.

The more you fish with a lure the better understanding you will have of this process.

Getting the chatter bait, lure, or spinner to be returning to the right speed is very important for the look of the bait in the water as the speed controls the depth in the water to fast and the lure might be very high in the water.

When your target fish might be swimming a lot lower, in the same way returning the lure to slow might cause the lure to be to low in the water and could drag on the bottom of the fishing area and snag. it's best to try and bring the bait back at a even pace and not stop the lure when returning hold your rod about 1 1/2 foot above the water after casting then as you move the rod in a down would motion reel in till your rod tip is just above the water.

Keeping the line from going slack, lift the rod back to its original position about 1 1/2 foot above the water and repeat this should be done in a nice steady motion this will result in you chatter bait, lure or spinner returning at a good even pace.

Other methods can be used like bottom bouncing unlike the last methods you would cast your line upstream and let your bait settle on the bottom of the river the rod is held a lot higher and then the bait is allowed to bounce on the river bottom until it has moved downstream you with also reel in faster with this methods.

By kevin field

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