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First before you go fishing make sure youhave all your fishing equipment with you and your license if youarefishing somewhere new it might be worth looking at your right to fish in that area of water as some water is owned by privatefishing clubs or is on private land.

When thinking of the fishing equipment needed apart from all the essential equipment its advisable to have a small first aid kit with you as cuts and scratches can happen when using hooks and knifes.

One of the most significant things about fishing been a fisherman is the respect of the land and water you are fishing on it's not just about catching fish it's also about nature and the respect for other anglers.

This starts when you get to your designated fishing area on some lakes and rivers you might have your own peg (a peg represent your own fishing area which is clearly marked normally with a wooden stake often with a number on it).

Most of the time on rivers or reservoirs this will not be the case if you don't have a peg to steer you try to look at the area for clearings normally you will see this on rivers and be able to identify the ideal space and location to fish from also make sure that your not to close to other fisherman about 30 meters away from another fisherman is enough distance.

The following step is to set up all of your fishing equipment try to keep it in an orderly fashion as lost equipment can happen easily in some over grown areas.

When setting up and fishing you must try and keep the noise level low fish can feel the vibrations around the river banks and can be spooked and abandon your fishing area also out of respect of other fisherman who are there to enjoy a quiet days fishing.

If you are taking food and drinks with youit's a good idea to always have a bag for any rubbish to make sure you leave the area tidy this also includes any leftover fishing line or hooks as this can cause a great deal of damage to the wild life to the area.

If possible constantly try and stick to designated paths to and from fishing area as this cuts down any damage caused to the plant life in that area.

Follow this brief guide to enjoy your day of fishing.

by kevin field

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