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An Introduction to Seasonal Fishing Clothing summer and winter.

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Selecting the correct fishing clothing can be a challenging but essential task to complete before you start angling. Making sure to choose the correct clothing and understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each wearable item is crucial for a comfortable fishing trip.

Summer Angling


Selecting a cap is a fabulous way to prevent the sun from obstructing your view. Many anglers will also wear caps to stop a hook from catching on themselves when casting. An added benefit of wearing a cap is that they help to avoid becoming sunburnt on warmer days.

Base Layers

A base layer is created to capture a thin layer of air between your skin and the thin material, which is then slowly warmed by your body heat.

Within the market, you can get many fabrics that can contain odour free material. Anti-odor technology kills odour-causing bacteria that is created by your body.

The anti-odour material helps neutralize any of the bacteria before it interacts with sweat> When these bacteria react with sweat, it creates a rotten smell. This helps to reduce the amount of body odour given off within the hot summer months. When bacteria can't mix with the moisture from your sweat, odours vanish, hopefully making your angling experience much more pleasant.

Improvements in clothing have allowed anglers to have an assortment of fabrics made with polyester blends. Polyester blends help keep you cool and prevent any moisture from getting through. How do polyester blends work? "Wicking" fabric removes any type of moisture from the body. Pushing it towards the exterior of the shirt so it can slowly start to evaporate. This can be compared to a candle that pulls wax up a wick to keep a flame alight.


Many anglers will purchase some form of fishing glasses. Purchasing a decent pair of polarized glasses will have various benefits. A benefit to polarized glasses is being able to see fish move within the water easier. Another benefit to polarized glasses is that they help prevent a hook from damaging your eye when casting. Finally, the main reason for wearing glasses is to ensure the sun does not blind you in the summer months. Choosing not to wear glasses can be detrimental to your fishing trip. The reason for this being that the sun will be vibrantly reflecting upon the water, making it strenuous to look at.

Some anglers will use UV protection lined gloves. This will help prevent your hands from getting burnt. Although, a large number of anglers will never wear gloves as they feel it can lower their handling on a rod.


Suitable shorts can be found at many angling or hiking outlets. Purchasing a pair of trousers that can be converted to shorts is recommended. This will help you to cool down with hot summer days at the lake or sea.


Footwear is altered by the terrain you will be on. It is recommended not to wear welly boots within summer. The reason for this is that the rubber material can heat up quickly inside, making your day rather uncomfortable. Unfortunately, some scenarios may require wellies even within summer. Therefore, selecting a high-quality material is essential. Choosing a pair of lightweight hiking boots works great for many summer angling venues. Ensuring you select a boot with good support as you may be standing for very long periods of time.

Winter Angling


Gore-Tex is a waterproof, breathable fabric membrane. It is designed to be highly waterproof and is highly recommended. Gore-tex is highly versatile and can be used all season. Although, Winter is best suited. The main issue with the Gortex material is that it is usually very pricey. A good budget alternative to gore-tex is PU film fabrics.

Selecting a good Goretex coat and bottoms, layering heavier, thicker jumpers, sweatshirts underneath it etc., will help you stay warm and waterproof all Winter.

Heavy Duty Coats

If a lighter layer such as Gore-tex is not your preferred choice, selecting a heavier duty coat may be more suitable for you. Heavy-duty work coats are great for fishing. They have the added benefit of storage. Many angling coats/work coats contain a large number of pockets. Making them great for storing your gear.

Thermal Insulation

When fishing within the Winter, you should always wear thermal socks. The reason for doing so is to reduce the heat leaving your extremities. If your extremities get cold, you can lose a large amount of body heat quickly. Ensure you wear gloves when winter fishing, preferably waterproof ones. Gloves may reduce your control on your rod. To help counter this, select a good pair of waterproof fishing gloves. They should be fingerless and have a stippled grip, once again improving your control. Also, ensure to wear a woolly hat!


Selecting a high-quality material for your trousers can be one of the most difficult challenges when purchasing decent fishing clothes. Understanding your needs such as weight, weather conditions etc. Purchasing a trouser with reinforced knee pads is advised to prevent damaging yourself when down on your knees on rough terrain.


Wellies or high-quality boots are excellent for winter fishing trips. Ensure your wellies do not have a gap more than a finger width in them. The reason for checking this is that cold air will get down into them, making your feet numb.

Finishing Notes

Overall, understanding the necessities of fishing clothing is essential to prepare for a comfortable fishing trip no matter the season. Wearing the proper clothing is of utmost importance in the Winter. If you do not, you could become seriously ill. Being aware of simple tips such as wearing polarized glasses and selecting Goretex for lightweight trips can make your day one step simpler.

by Daniel ONeill

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