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An Introduction to Fishing Accessories

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Bite alarms

Bite alarms are a mechanical or electronic device which indicates to an angler that something is happening at the hook end of the fishing line. The device is attached to your fishing rod or rod holder. Bite alarms work by feeding the bobbin or hanger into the alarm thread. Once set up, ensure your line is running through the bite alarm, then adjust the options on the alarm to suit

your needs. Keep the tip of your rod low, so the wind doesn’t set off the bite alarm incorrectly. Bite alarms work best at night when your vision may not be the best. Bite alarms can be extremely useful for leaving bait rods unattended while having a BBQ, preparing other rods or sitting beside a campfire. Bite alarms work great when paired with a glow in the dark rod tip indicator. This combination will allow you to easily hear and see when a fish takes your bait no matter the conditions.

Some key tips when using bite alarms :

  • There are sensitivity settings on mot bite alarms.

  • If you’re fishing at long range, the fish will make less detectable vibrations, so you’ll probably need a higher sensitivity setting.

  • Try not to fish in areas with large amounts of seaweed or rubbish. This is as these can set off bite alarms.

Landing Nets and Keep Nets

Landing nets are large nets used to catch a fish when it has been hooked at the bank. The reason for using landing nets is to harm the fish as little as possible.

The best landing nets will have the following features:

  • Gentle material made of a subtle green/brown colour so as not to spook the fish. Dark colours keep them calm while netting and holding the fish. This makes landing the fish much less stressful for both the angler and fish.

  • A handle made of Japanese shrink wrap matte grips. This anti-slip material keeps the pole from slipping out of your hands when they are wet and slimy or when held between legs, for your hard solo netting.

  • A net with small holes in the mesh or plastic. The reason for this is when nets have larger holes they can remove scales or damage the fishes fins.

Keep nets are long cylindrical nets used for placing fish in the water to keep them alive. There are many purposes f a keep net. Many anglers will use keep nets to keep fish fresh before consuming them. Some anglers will use keep nets to recover a fish.

Bait boats

Bait Boat or Baitboat in basic terms is a remote-controlled boat designed specifically for Carp, Cat or Pike fishing in mind. These boats come in various different sizes, colours, speeds etc. The

reason for using bait boats is to deposit bait far outdistances that can not be reached from the shore. An alternative to a bait boat would be using a bit of catapult. Bait catapult or slingshots are used to deposit bait further distances out into lakes or rivers when fishing.


Waders come in various sizes. They are an item of clothing used for keeping you dry. Some waders go up to your chest height. The reason anglers use them is so that they can go and fish in water so they can cast further or return fish alive without harming them. Sometimes places to fish cannot be reached without going into the water. Wearing waders will help to keep you dry.


There is a huge amount of scales within the current market. Scales are used for measuring the weight of the fish you catch. The most common reason people will do this is so that they can set a benchmark to beat. A specimen fish will weigh a certain amount. Therefore, many anglers will

want to see if they have caught one. They will take great pride and joy in catching larger fish. The other reason some fishermen needs scales is to check if the fish is over the legal weight limit. This means they can take the fish home to consume if it is over a certain weight.

Measuring Tape / Ruler

Purchasing a measuring tape or fish ruler is very similar to purchasing a scale. The reason for this

is to check legal limitations on capturing fish for consumption and to show the size if they have caught a specimen fish. Some countries hold species competitions. This means if an angler catches the biggest fish in the country of that year they will be awarded a trophy. Many local clubs will also hold similar competitions but they will most likely provide you with a club tape.

Finishing Notes

Overall, it is evident that selecting accessories when angling can be very useful. I do not believe they are necessary but they definitely allow for more to be done when fishing. Selecting the correct accessories is important to ensure they do their purpose correctly. Some budget items may be inaccurate or not suitable. Some accessories can be great for assisting those who are older or disabled such as the bait boat. This allows fishing to be accessible for all. The accessories listed allow anglers to adventure further out to remote fishing locations, win competitions and catch more fish.

by Daniel o'Neill

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