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My early days of fishing was like most people starting with their father. He was a keen sea angler and darts player. We used to go fishing off a place called the blast in Seaham in the north east of england.

I loved to go with him at a early age remembering the visits to the local tackle shop to pick up the rag worm and lug worm from there i progressed to go river fishing in Durham on the river Wear.

The river was a great starting point as the river itself has a lot of different depths and flow so its great for float fishing, fly-fishing and ledgering.

Being from the North East ment i was in close proximity to lot of the best lakes and reservoirs in England for some excellent trout fishing.

I also enjoyed sea fishing out of Hartlepool in the North Sea on a boat called the sunbright with my work colleagues we would fish for cod and whiting. Because of over fishing the catch with this dropped dramatically.


After moving to Spain I continued to fish all types of fishing and have been lucky enough to fish in places like Mexico now at the age of 54 my drive and passion for fishing as not deminised at all.

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